TermoRens Offshore Service AS

We have the products that will save you large energy costs and make expensive service agreements and maintenance routines superfluous. We produce cleaning fluid for cleaning all types of water-bearing systems and GEL for cleaning all types of external surfaces.

Construction, industry, ships and oil platforms all over the world today use our products.
By cleaning plants, large sums are saved in maintenance and energy costs.

Why choose us?

Product areas

– Surface corrosion, ex / inv
– Coatings, lime, marine organisms in pipe systems
– Pacification of stainless
– Degreasing of facades
– Urine salts in Vacuum systems

– Legionella and Bacteria in Drinking Water

Larger facades with corrosion, rust cleaning, stainless steel or coating are effectively cleaned with Termorens GEL with minimal staffing needs. Pipe systems, coolers, seawater intakes are easily cleaned without disassembly with Termorens liquid, our products are specially developed for each individual area of use.

We tailor the products to your needs.

More than a supplier

Vacuum system cleaning on board is a strongly growing market where we deliver the best and most affordable solutions. We welcome you to our website, which we hope you will greatly benefit from either as a supplier or as an owner of a facility with a need for our products.

Anodix is currently the most optimal product on the market to avoid bacterial buildup and legionella outbreaks in water systems. If you acquire Anodix, you are not just buying a product, but a complete safety system that satisfies all requirements from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to document that your facility is free of legionella. Mapping, risk analyzes, preparation of maintenance routines and follow-up are included. We dare to say that our scheme is the safest and not least affordable on the market.

Do not hesitate to contact us. It can be a lot of money to save on it!

Direct contact

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Thore AndreassenCEO
Arild KvalvikOPM
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Bjørg Helene AndreassenCFO
Helge Knausen
Helge KnausenService and installation