HMS and Technical information

Last updated: August 12, 2021

Termorens Cleaning fluid

Anodix Manual for models Mini, S, M og L

LegioTerm® Description
TermoRens liquid MSDS
Anodix Booklet – English
LegioTerm® principle sketch
Termorens Gel
FKT Subcurrent filter – Technical information
LegioTerm® LT 6 Maual
TermoRens GEL MSDS
AquaMax Dosing Pumps – Brochure
LegioTerm® LCU Usermanual
Termosafe – Stops new growth
System cleaner/Engine cleaner for Car and Boat
LegioTerm Schematic diagram for installation
Documentation from the Food Safety Authority
System cleaner HMS
LegioTerm Technical specification
How to clean heating and cooling systems
Septi Sanitary cleaning – HMS
LegioTerm® Modbus
Termorens vs Legionella
HMS Chlorine dioxide plant
LegioTerm® Static IP
Laboratory test – clean
Documentation for savings when cleaning
LegioTerm® Calibration