Legionella and high bacterial levels are a major problem on board. Many people struggle with excessively high levels of bacteria without fully knowing what to do about the problem. There are many solutions, but few good ones that manage to keep the bacteria away all the time. Anodix is ​​today the best possible solution for legionella outbreaks in hot water systems. Anodix keeps the plant free of legionella as the entire amount of hot water, both in the pipe system and boilers, is treated continuously. There are many good reasons to choose Anodix!

– Keeps the plant free of legionella
– Removes the biofilm in the plant
– Saves large energy costs for heating
– Saves significant operating costs

When you acquire Anodix you also get:

– Book with a survey of the building in which it is installed
– Risk analysis for the plant
– Operating routines for the plant
– Training and routines for taking legionella samples
– Follow-up throughout the year
– Offer of a very favorable service agreement after the first year of operation

Anodix is ​​based on anodic oxidation where the entire amount of water passes through a pipe in a tube of titanium and platinum. Oxygen radicals are formed on the surfaces of the pipes, which kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae that pass through. Hypochlorite is formed (<3mmg / l) and removes the biofilm the bacteria depend on to live to form colonies.

No chemicals or heavy metals are added to the water!

Anodix is currently the most optimal product on the market to avoid legionella outbreaks in hot water systems. If you acquire Anodix, you are not just buying a product, but a complete safety system that satisfies all requirements from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to document that your facility is free of legionella. Mapping, risk analyzes, preparation of maintenance routines and follow-up are included. We dare to say that our scheme is the safest and not least affordable on the market.