EX safe High pressure Washers with a working pressure of 100-1200 bar, with a water volume of 15 to 80 liters / pr / min

High pressure pretreatment with H-Pressure washers, which are combined with the Thermor’s GEL and Concentrate for removing corrosion.

This means that we puncture the corrosion point with high-pressure washing, then spray one on Termorens GEL which breaks down corrosion to pure metal.

Then we refresh and the corrosion point is ready for repair, painting.

Internally, eg upgrading corrosion in tanks, we use the same principle with Termorens Koncentrat.

With this system we can have control of all types of corrosion, Smooth corrosion, Galvanic corrosion, Split corrosion, Point corrosion (Pitting), Selective corrosion, etc.….

With this pre-treatment method, a use of sandblasting, grinding, needle picking is avoided.

An environmentally friendly alternative where workers have a better everyday life in terms of exposure and strain. We take care of HSE in the surface subject.