For cleaning corrosion and coatings in inner pipes, then with stocking technology to build new pipes inside old ones.

This combination is a unique concept with very good results and a long service life for pipes after work has been done. Upwards Over the years, sock technology has been used for a long time, with various cleaning methods such as high-pressure washing with spinners, chain slings and various spikes, where the pipe is not 100% clean.

With our system, we easily fill the pipe with Termorens Konsentrat and install a circulation pump that removes all corrosion. When we have finished the cleaning process, immediately after freshening, we install a dehumidifier for a quick drying of the pipe. When the pipe has dried up, we have a 100% purity in the steel.

The sock is then blown into the pipe with pressure, and you have a new coating inside the pipe with a long service life, which is a great saving for the customer.