Termorens Cleaning Liquid 105 is specially developed for flushing of pipe systems. Cleaning / removal of magnetite, oxides (corrosion) weld beads and slag. The product is environmentally friendly and has no effect on other products other than specified. After treatment, the system is rinsed with water until it has returned to its normal pH value.

The pre-treatment area must be free of oil, grease and the like. Pre-treat with degreaser if necessary.

Instructions for use and dosage
Drains the plant. Termorens Cleaning Liquid 105 is filled in the system with a circulation pump.
Clean is fastest when heated to about 40-60 degrees. (this is continuously assessed by our professionals). When liquid is mixed in, it circulates with an external circulation pump.

The water flow must be calculated so that a turbulent water flow is obtained.
Make sure all valves are open so that the liquid is everywhere. Use an external filter to remove particles in the liquid during the cleaning process. Time for cleaning depends on how much corrosion and particles there are in the plant.

The cleaning process takes from 6 hours to 1 day depending on the degree of corrosion, particles, circulation and temperature. Oxides are converted into liquid form and flushed out of the plant together with loose particles during the cleaning process.

Check the purity of the liquid every two hours with an electronic particle meter or microscope.

The cleaning process is completed when the degree of purity is NAS 7 or the customer’s requirements for cleanliness in the system have been met. Rinse all liquid from the system after cleaning.

Rinse with water until a neutral pH value is reached in the plant.

Termorens Cleaning Liquid 105 can be used on all types of gaskets, plastics and metals without damaging them. It does not damage gaskets and liners in the system.