Termorens GEL 200 for removal of lime, magnetite, oxides (corrosion), humus, salt and other deposits. Termorens GEL 200 has the same effect as acid washing on stainless material. The product is environmentally friendly and has no effect on other products other than specified. After treatment, the surfaces are cleaned with water and can be treated in the usual way.

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Pre-treatment: The surface must be free of oil, grease and the like. Pre-treat with degreaser if necessary.

Method of use
Termorens GEL 200 is lubricated, roll or spray on the surface to be treated. The best results are obtained by applying high-pressure spraying. Be sure to get gel in joints and pores as well to remove all corrosion. Effect time depends on how much rust the surface has. Normally gel is sprayed on one day and removed the next day. If the oxidation consists of a thick coating, it may be necessary to repeat the process several times. GEL is rinsed off at high pressure with steam 200 bar or more pressure as required. This is assessed by our professionals.

Termorens GEL 200 is a liquid GEL that settles as a coating on the surface and is therefore well suited for cleaning under horizontal surfaces and on vertical surfaces. GEL gets access to areas where it is difficult to access, such as around bolts, corners, double-folded plates, in cable trays, under electrical cables, etc. Termorens GEL 200 has the same effect as acid washing on stainless material.

HMS Datasheet Termorens GEL 200
Technical Datasheet Termorens GEL 200