Water tests

TermoRens handles water tests for many customers in both the public and private sectors. This is required to always have control of the plant and to detect Legionella bacteria to avoid outbreaks.

TermoRens only takes cultivation samples. This is the only method that shows the real bacterial level in the plant.

Beware of that germ count tests (which far too many take) do not provide an answer as to whether there is Legionella in the plant. There may be high values ​​on germ count samples and zero Legionella or low values ​​on the germ count and high value of Legionella.

We also do not take PCR samples as these will also show the number of dead bacteria and you get a false report and may take unnecessary measures.

All samples are analyzed by authorized personnel with proper accreditation.

TermoRens also offers quality tests of drinking water from public pipelines, closed pipesystems, well water or similar to find a solution to unknown problems.

We also take water samples in closed systems such as heating and cooling systems as the water quality here is also closely related to the durability of the pipe network and equipment.


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Thore Andreassen
Thore AndreassenCEO
Bjørg Helene Andreassen
Bjørg Helene AndreassenCFO