Many people think of Sudan as a very poor country, which it is, but there is also a large industry, shipping and factories.

TermoRens was contacted by a company that maintains maintenance in major industries in the country and went down for an inspection. It was a special experience.

They had sent tickets in advance and were a little surprised when these were on business. Well ahead stood a guy with a big poster with mine and a couple of other names. We were guided into a “limmo” and transported to a VIP room at the airport where we were largely received by our new customer while luggage and passports were checked out. After a nice evening, it was on a customer visit the next day.

Everything was like on TV. In Khartoum it was paved, many tired buildings, but also some new beautiful skyscrapers. This is where the oil industry was located and they were the first we visited. They had major problems with a coke-like coating in their facilities that often stopped operations. Otherwise all the common problems in Africa and the Middle East with amounts of lime. So much so that in a tube of six inches was reduced to 1 inch. (see picture). A simple problem and solve for the Termorens cleaning liquid.

Next it was out of town and out to a large oil refinery located in the middle of the desert. An enormous plant where they also had major problems with the growth of mainly lime. We were driven to an area just outside the refinery where they had stored all the equipment to be thrown away. An area the size of a small town. Here were all of the exchangers large as houses, cooling machines, pumps, pipes, tanks etc all just as rusty and overgrown. A dream for a Termorens man and a miracle for a technical engineer on the site. The convectors I am standing next to in the picture had to be scraped and they cost 50,000 dollars each and they had many. On the site was scrapped equipment worth tens of millions of dollars that was just as good just grown. They could hardly believe their eyes when I demonstrated how easily one removed the coating with Termorens and in addition took a sip of the cleaning fluid. Witchcraft meant something. A container with Termorens was sent down and now they are in full swing to clean the equipment which can then be used again.

My brother’s brother in Sudan, Elbadry Ahmed, got married while I was there. In Sudan, weddings are celebrated for a whole week and I was invited the last day I was there. As the only white man who is also two meters tall, I did not exactly manage to interfere neutrally. Here there was full focus on dancing and fun with many wonderfully nice people. Full swing without alcohol which is not legal in Sudan and also not missed. We were invited to the Minister of Industry the last day where we got to introduce ourselves and our products. The result was that they will now clean three large sugar factories and several energy stations. Only these corona times pass will there be a trip down again to look at the possibility of producing in Sudan.


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Thore Andreassen
Thore AndreassenCEO
Bjørg Helene Andreassen
Bjørg Helene AndreassenCFO